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Defamation by Google: A Case Blog

Background to this Blog

I was defamed on a website that used its high Google page rank as a mechanism for extortion. Serious defamatory imputations about me were published at the top of a Google search for my name. Google refused multiple removal requests so in February 2011 I filed defamation proceedings in an Australian court. In 2015 I won (self represented) and in 2017 Google lost the appeal. Google continued to publish these imputations so I sued them again. Currently this matter is in court. This blog outlines the background to and result of taking on one of the richest corporations in the world in a fight for my rights to live without what amounts to corporate bullying.

Page1.me is owned and run by an Australian internet detective and activist against cyberbullying. There are many reputation management firms that cannot be trusted. I am not in business with Michael, the owner nor do I receive any commission. The link is published on my blog because he offers a viable solution and he is honest.

Threats Using the Excuse of Free Speech

On 27 October 2015 Google Inc was found liable for defamation published on Ripoff Report. I was subsequently threatened and ridiculed by Google shills such as Techdirt.com and others. Ripoff Report optimised the defamatory content and Google did not remove it. I...

Dealing with Cyber Abuse in Australia

Dealing with Cyber Abuse in Australia Since I won my defamation case against Google over Ripoff Report I have been the recipient of a significant amount of abuse and defamation by Ripoff Report, the website Techdirt and by others. This is one example: Although...

Abusive Comments on Techdirt

Abusive Comments on Techdirt This blog post contains SOME examples of the abusive and defamatory comments on Techdirt.com. From June 2015, when media on my forthcoming trial for defamation against Google was published, Techdirt regular commentators made it clear that...

Google Censored this Blog

Google Censored this Blog In response to the growing realisation that the Ripoff Report defamation was not going away, in October 2011 I decided to put this blog online in order to tell my side of the story. This meant that I had to learn how to actually upload a...

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