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Defamation by Google: A Case Blog

Background to this Blog

I was defamed on a website, Ripoff Report that used its high Google page rank as a mechanism for extortion for more than a decade.

From before 2009 serious defamatory imputations about me were published at the top of a Google search for my name. Google refused multiple removal requests so in February 2011 I filed defamation proceedings in an Australian court. In 2015 I won (self represented) and in 2017 Google lost the appeal. Google continued to publish these imputations so I sued them again.

On Monday 12 September 2022 the trial commenced in the Supreme Court of South Australia:

  • Thirteen and a half years after I first asked (begged) Google to remove serious defamatory content; 
  • Almost seven years after Google were found liable for publishing the serious false and defamatory content;
  • Twelve years after I was rendered unemployable by the publication of false and defamatory; and
  • Six years after I filed proceedings a second time.
  • As in the first liability trial I am self represented.

Google was aware that Ripoff Report is an extortion racket and this knowledge extended to the highest echelons of the corporation.

From August 2013 I wrote to the then Chair of the Google Board, Professor John L Hennessy and sent him evidence that Ripoff Report and Google were both profiting from advertising heinous abuse, race hate, misogynistic and defamatory content on Ripoffreport.com

Between August 2013 and December 2017 I wrote to 51 emails to Professor Hennessy and tracked them and he read every single one. But he never assisted the people whose lives were impacted by what amounted to cyberbullying for profit. This evidence can be downloaded from my adrive.com cloud account.

I estimate that Google LLC have spent upwards of AUD $2,000,000 trying to make me ‘go away’.

I will NOT be forced into capitulation by a corporate bullies.

This blog outlines the background to, and result of taking on one of the richest corporations in the world – TWICE! 

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