Duffy v Hennessy & Google

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  • In 2007 serious defamatory content was published on a website, Ripoff Report. This website notoriously publishes false defamatory and unverified content about individuals and business as well as misogynistic, homophobic, abusive and race hate material and requires substantial payment to ‘rehabilitate’ reputations in the Google search results. Further information on this Google enabled extortion racket are provided on this page.

  • In 2015 I won a defamation case against Google as a self-represented litigant and this was subsequently upheld on appeal. Further details are on this page.

  • Google continued to publish the defamatory content in Australia for two years after it was found to be defamatory. In 2022, again self-represented, I endured another trial. Further details are on this page.

  • On 3 February 2023 the Supreme Court found Google liable for defamation a second time. The judgement is published here.

  • Google, under the direction of the current Chairman of Alphabet, Professor John Hennessy, have spent millions of dollars in an attempt to force me to ‘go away’. Further details are on this page.

  • The search engine has used bullying tactics (including when I had a medical certificate), attempted to scare me, doxed me and a fellow activist online, and treated me with utter contempt. But they have lost – again!

  • Despite losing in two Supreme Court trials (to a self represented litigant) Google continues to spend extravagantly on legal costs instructing two law firms plus barristers and flying in and out of Adelaide while forcing significant employee layoffs.

  • For some reason Google believes that I will capitulate to its bullying and walk away on its terms but I have not backed down during 12 years of bullying and contempt. 

  • UPDATE 20 October 2023: Google have settled for an appropriate amount of compensation. This retains liability as per Duffy v Google 2023.